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Does The HerSolution Gel Improve Your Libido? Pros And Cons You Should Know

A woman who wishes to enhance her libido may be wondering whether or not she should try HerSolution. She might even have to make an additional decision.

Namely, she just might have to make a decision between the capsules and the gel. Yes, there are to version and my HerSolution Gel review will center on the topical solution that is rubbed into the skin.

For some, this just might be the perfect means of treating issues associated with a low libido.

How HerSolution Gel Can Help

hersolution-gel-stockThe libido reflects sex drive. When a woman starts to suffer from a declining sex drive, life can become a little depressing. Relationships can suffer and suffer greatly.

The same can be applied to males as well. There are tons of male enhancement supplements to choose from. Vigrx Plus (see full review), Male Extra and so on

For many women, this might seem there is no way to reverse the problem. Such an attitude is not the correct one! HerSolution Gel can greatly contribute to making the changes necessary to boost libido levels.

What The Manufacturer is Saying

The manufacturer points out what makes the gel so special. It is stated this is a medical grade cream that has the potential to properly stimulate blood flow.

It can also aid in reducing dryness. As a result, ti may be possible to experience better sexual responses.

Another point mentioned by the manufacturer is that this is a hypo-allergenic cream that is pH balanced. Consumers who worry about the content of a product, these attributes can be quite appealing.

The Use of a Gel

As previously mentioned, the other product offered by the manufacturer of HerSolution is available in capsule form. There is nothing wrong with this per se, but not everyone is interested in taking a capsule.

This is where the topical gel solution comes into play as it offers an alternative that might better benefit those interested in getting the full benefit of the ingredients in the stack.

Applying the gel is fairly easy. Once it has been applied to the skin, it will slowly absorb into the bloodstream where it can then start to work on delivering the desired effect.

A huge purported benefit to the gel is that it can contribute to immediate arousal. On the surface, this might sound like a bit of hyperbole on the part of the manufacturer.

There just might be a bit of hyperbole in the statement, but there can be some truth, too. Basically, the gel will absorb into the system a lot quicker than a capsule will.

For that reason alone, the notion the absorption will be faster is not out of the question. The popularity of topical creams is consistently rooted in the fast way it absorbs and works.

There is no odor associated with this cream and it also will not leave your skin feeling sticky. For those a little concerned about using a topical gel, these attributes will be another positive.

An Increase in Blood Flow

As the ingredients absorb into the system, blood flow will be stimulated. The blood flow will be directed to the vaginal area and the clitoris in particular.

Greater sensitivity would be one result. Greater ease in achieving an orgasm could be yet another beneficial results from using the gel.

Trying Out the Product for Free

There is a special offer with HerSolution Gel. Women can try it for 67 days for free. Now, the manufacturer might make this sound a little easy. There are certainly terms that have to be followed or else getting your money back will prove elusive.

The mere fact that a money back guarantee is available should be considered a major plus as not every libido product will offer one.

Unique Ingredients

Quite a number of unique natural ingredients are present in this quality gel. L-Arginine, aloe vera, coco and shea butter, an original botanical essences are all combined together to create the gel.

Ingredients such as these may very well have a good effect contributing to libido improvements.


  • The topical gel absorbs quicker than capsules
  • The ingredient stack is unique


  • Not everyone likes to use topical solutions
  • There are no bulk discounts


HerSolution Gel definitely is special. It offers a novel way of treating problems with a decreased libido. For those women wanting to see improvements in their sex drive, this product might be the best one to acquire.

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